Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?

Bariatric Revisional Surgery
Improve or correct a previous Bariatric Procedure with Bariatric Revisional Surgery

“Dr. Fridley and all the staff are amazing! I had weight loss revision surgery performed by Dr. Fridley to correct bile reflux. I WISH he had performed my original surgery. I have had a better experience and support from him and his staff than anywhere else. Too bad he’s not my primary care physician too! Thank you for all your understanding, help, and support. You guys really deserve much, much more than 5 stars!”  – J.S.

About Bariatric Revisional Surgery
  • Fix or replace disrupted staples, band ports, or gastric bands.
  • Decrease pouch and/or stomach size in cases where, over time, they have stretched. 
  • Convert a Vertical Gastric Sleeve to a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass when necessary, converting a Vertical Gastric Sleeve to a SADI, or a number of other customized options based on your specific needs or comorbidities. .
  • Newer minimally invasive procedures reduce hospital stays and make recovery more comfortable.

Dr. Fridley explains what revisional bariatric surgery is & why it is needed in some cases.

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